2017 Korea Trip
We are planning our next trip to Korea for our members. Our Korea trip is organised in conjunction with our affiliate organisations:- World Taekwondo Changmookwan Federation, World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation and Chosun haedong Gumdo Association.

2017 Plan
24-26 September, 2017: Seoul sightseeing
27-29 September, 2017: Taekwondo training
30 September, 2017: Changmookwan International Taekwondo Championships
1 October, 2017: Free Day
2-4 October, 2017: Morning Haedong Gumdo training. Afternoon Hapkido training.
5-7 October, 2017: Travel to Busan to train Sunmudo (Korea Buddhist Martial Arts). Please can stay at the temple longer if they wish.

Our 2016 Korea Trip